(February 22, 2019): “Beatles Hysteria” with the News of Ariana Grande’s historic accomplishment, still resonates TODAY. Beatle Things has created Health Fun Music Hysteria in 2019!

Infusing Science with the general re-engaged popularity of fitness & Music. The band Beatle Things has Scientifically re-created, re-produced and re-composed that Legendary sound with infectiously trendy beats, Exercise Music with Melodic contemporary appeal. A welcome alternative to the current Boom Boom generic Gym “Electronic Work-out music”.

This announcement by Beatle Things& Publishers RoXXStarZZ Anonymous llc confirms the OFFICIAL release of the 1st of a series of compositions; TWIST-SHAKE-SHOUT has initiated a viral alternative Best Workout Music “Fitness & Dance” hysteria limited only by the imagination.

Successfully injecting well formulated, multi-appealing, scientifically composed versions of un-forgettable Beatles Music. “Beatle Things” vehemently insists that Music is an undeniably proven viable component which promotes Human Well-being and healing properties. It is a phenomenon that occurs when a person listens to and absorbs the Magnetically exhilarating rhythm and pleasing harmonics within their re-invented Music.

Twist & Shout

Beatle Things initiated this science advantageously composing“ Twist Shake Shout”  reinventing the enormously-popular Beatle tune Twist & Shout. Involuntarily while listening the Brain & Bodily nerves subconsciously receive an electrifying and euphoric effect.

The body begins to move pleasingly to the beats, and unwittingly the person begins to feel the urge to Move, Dance and inevitably exercise! Dancing is strongly advised as the best fitness regimen to pleasingly promote & retain Weight Loss.  People experience& receive Multiple benefits of enjoying abundance of fun and exhilaration. Physiologically the rhythmic movements assist them in weight reduction & Improved sense of being in the most fun activities Imaginable.

Proven by endless weight-loss promise Ads, many disappointingly have spent money desperately for weight loss therapies. By comparison, Twist Shake Shout music is available for a Minimal investment of 99 cents. Once downloaded, the music can be used for listening at home, your Car, Parties, get-together Workout events at home & anyplace your device can Travel. Join the Fun! Now available at all Music Media Outlets

Your Transformation is simply a click away!

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