(February 15, 2019): Food waste is one of the many reasons that has led to an increase in the total number of landfills all over the world. It affects the environment by releasing many harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, as well as ozone. In an attempt to save the planet, it is necessary that everyone take appropriate measures to achieve zerofoodwaste at home and adopt composting, and that is why BioPower Enterprises (BPE) is offering ANDI-advanced composter that helps people generate liquid fertilizer that can be used for the purpose of gardening.


With the objective to help peopleadopt effective measures of sustainability, BioPower Enterprises is raising money to build a user-friendly prototype of the composter. The startup company is the result of continuous efforts of Jacqueline Gilyard Jones. She believes that-A clean future is ours to make. Knowing how food waste pollutes the environment, she came out with the idea to build a special anaerobic digester. It will help families get rid of food and pet waste produced at their homes and turn it into liquid fertilizer.

The company works extensively to motivate people reducing our carbon household at a time.The visitors can fill out online surveys to find out more about the zerofoodwaste. People can also make a donation and contribute to the environmental cause. The announcement says that online visitors can fill the survey so that the company can gather important facts and feedback from them. It will further help the company make the necessary improvements in the design and manufacture a better composter. For more information, people can visit the website


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