(May 15, 2019) - You’ve decided that it’s time to start a new workout routine. While everyone is aware of the countless benefits of exercising, the vast majority of people lack the guidance necessary to structure a fitness routine—and most importantly—to stick to it.

For many, hiring a personal trainer just isn’t worth the money and effort. While typically most people just opt for any workout video they find on Youtube, today, Applete—the new audio fitness app—utilizes sound recordings featuring highly acclaimed personal trainers’ guidance at just the tap of a screen.

Well-known Youtuber and CEO Isaac Nakash, now 22 years old, came up with the idea of Applete after he sought personal training for himself in July of 2018. Realizing how much it improved his workouts and overall

well-being, Nakash decided to do some research; he learned that while the demand for personal training is growing, most people are not willing to pay for it. The young CEO then made it his mission to make fitness guidance available to everyone.

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Based in Miami, Florida, Applete offers workouts ranging from strength training to indoor cycling in both beginners and intermediate levels. With track titles like “Funk Master” and “Treadmill Trap,” you’re bound to find something for every mood.

Applete is part of a growing movement of fitness app startups that are trying to make personal training more accessible to the public. What makes this app different? It’s 100% free with no barrier to use.

“I think that everyone has the right to fitness guidance,” says CEO Isaac Nakash. “People seeking to take care of their health and wellness shouldn’t have to deal with the burden of free trials and subscription packages.”

What gives Applete even more of an edge, beyond its accessibility, is Nakash’s decision to focus not just on physical health—but on mental health too—something that many recent studies have proven to be strongly interwoven.

Offering a plethora of yoga tracks, Applete is paving the way in spreading wellness and stress management on a global level.

Unlike many existing workout apps, Applete offers users the ability to choose between outdoor and treadmill running. With the outdoor running feature, hiking enthusiasts and marathon trainers alike—along with treadmill junkies—can now improve their cardio and listen to music simultaneously.

What also sets Applete apart is that it doesn’t rely on consumers' money for revenue, but rather on health brand sponsorships. In partnership with fitness and health brands, the new app intends to promote only relevant services and products by integrating them seamlessly during short rest breaks within each class. “Applete isn’t a transactional app. It’s a community of people with the shared goal of living a healthy lifestyle.”

As the only free audio fitness app available on both ios and android devices, Applete is quite literally changing the game in accessible fitness training—one ‘Applete’ at a time. Its tracks having already been streamed and downloaded by thousands, this app continues to grow with 20+ new

audio workouts being added per week. Moving forward, Nakash plans to expand Applete’s reach by offering tracks in more countries and languages.

“Based in Miami, Florida, Applete is a startup company founded by CEO Isaac Nakash in 2018. The “personal trainer in your pocket,” Applete is a fitness app that offers a plethora of trainer-led classes to choose from, ranging from strength training to yoga. Nakash hopes to form a larger community with Applete by spreading health and wellness on a global scale. Applete is available for free on both iOS and android devices and requires no subscription.”

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