Nguy?n Ng?c Cao Son nick name Cao Son Nguyen (born May 1st 1999) in Vietnam. According to the body measures he has height of 178cm and weight 82kg. He is well known as a video creator, YouTuber, piano artist and an entertainer.

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Nick name of Nguy?n Ng?c Cao Son is Cao Son Nguyen who was born in Vietnam on 1st May 1999. He is currently living in Ho Chi Minh City. He is well known as a video creator, YouTuber, piano artist and an entertainer. He started playing the instrument in grade 6 (2011) and his parents could see his talent very clearly. He can play 4 instruments: pianoguitar (ukulele also), violin, keyboards.

He is currently studying in International University of Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is studying the School of Electrical Engineering in International University.

Nguy?n Ng?c Cao Son has achieved many achievements during school's art competition in holidays which are mentioned below:

  • Have attended many big events of YouTube, guest at Steinway N' Sons meetings and festivals.
  • In 2016, awarded "The Best Similar Piano Cover" prize in Kawai Piano Contest 2016
  • In 2016, Being Guest Of Viet Thuong Year Ending Festival
  • In 2018, awarded the "Silver Play Button" from YouTube and was awarded by METUB Network.
  • In 2018, Guest of Lang Lang's Piano Show by HUBLOT

He has created a YouTube channel where he shares his piano videos which are plainly pretty and overtly wonderful. If you watch the videos of this YouTube Vietnam piano playing artist you might find a little relief from the stress of this busy world in which we all work and play.


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