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Ensure The Safety Of Your Hands By Using Top-Quality Plastic Gloves!

China (May 12, 2019): Whether you are in the industry of, medical service, food contact, nursing, or animal care etc., it is inevitable for you to get the Disposable plastic gloves which are made up of premium quality material. Bitoor provides the customers with well-worn gloves that not only fit them perfectly but are also durable. The list of its main products includes Poly Gloves, PE Gloves, TPE Gloves, CPE Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, PVC Gloves, CPE Aprons, PE Aprons, and CPE Gown etc. In addition to gloves and aprons, the website also has a lot of shoe covers and boots in the store.

The fact that this online Plastic gloves manufacturer is able to produce over 10 million pieces of gloves on a daily basis is enough to prove the level of dedication and commitment the team puts into their work. Bitoor ensures the fact that the gloves provided by them are completely environment-friendly and do not cause any harm to the hands of a person. A person can also choose to have face mask, CPE sleeves, PE shoulder length Glove, EVA long Glove with neck strap, PE shoulder protect glove and CPE long Glove from the online portal.


About BITOOR: Founded in the year 2009, this website works really hard to keep up its promise of maintaining the quality of Plastic gloves. It has an expert QC system as not only every workshop has a QC department but Bitoor also offers an independent inspector to handle its each and every customer. One can also easily recycle these Plastic gloves China without any hassle which makes them a convenient option to go for.

Get more information, please visit https://www.cpetpeglove.com/

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Zhang Jiagang Bitoor co., ltd.

NongLu Bei Road, Dong Lai of Yang She Town, Zhang Jiagang city, Jiang Su province, China.

Email: info@cpetpeglove.com



Sunday, May 12, 2019