Los Angeles, CA, 6 May April 2019: Normally art lovers go on the hunt for their choice collections from various quarters. In this endeavor, they have to make extensive research through the known sources of sale of Paintings and Abstract art products. In order to make things easier for the art lovers, here is an announcement from Irena Orlov store that judiciously claims that their store has everything in painting genre exhibited and ready for sale.

This is an outlet where the exponent multi-talented Artist, designer, contemporary art producer, architect and photographer has displayed her works of art. The visitor will be spell-bound to find here everything from end to end – colorful painting, abstract painting, water color painting, water color abstract act,  new media painting, water color abstract painting, new media painting, new media art, as well as minimalist art etc.

In this store, under the caption “Irena Orlov, Watercolor Abstract Art Original Paintings and Huge Canvas Prints” visitors will find lots of merchandises, for viewing pleasure of the excellent skills of the Artist and also pick their desired products, to be loaded on the shopping cart.

As many as 19 subheadings are there showing the assorted Painting works, starting from Abstract Painting and ending with Shabby Chic Painting. There are linked up other web pages too. For example, if the item “Decorative Painting” is clicked another web page unfolds, carrying loads of eye-pleasing painting designs.

In addition, the announcement informs that the art lovers can visit three more websites


showcasing Abstract and contemporary art with Irena Orlov. Clicking these website links will lead to online outlets selling numerous artifacts, and Gift Articles bearing the fabulous designs of the Ukrainian Artist Orlov. Interested art lovers are invited to visit all the above four websites, enjoy the artifacts and buy their choice items at moderate prices happily.

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