Poggibonsi (SI) – Italy (May 10, 2019) – In the present situation, many companies struggle to even run and manage a single area of production. But, even at this juncture, Modelleriaferrieri Srl with specialization in Fusioni in Metallo controls and manages three different areas of production and they are a mechanical workshop, foundry and modeling.

The company holds the pride of being an expert in fusioni in metallo, which is referred to as metal castings in English. Further, the company specializes in non-ferrous metal processing, which is referred to as lavorazione metalli non ferrosi in Italy.

Modelleriaferrieri Srl focuses mainly on special aluminium alloys and bronze castings and the company has been flexible all through the development phase to achieve this height. The excellent thing about this company with specialization in fonderie metalli ferrosi or ferrous metal foundries is that they are able to operate not just in an independent manner, but also in a joint and synergistic manner.

The company strongly believes that the reduction and compliance with delivery times, ability to operate as per the recent introduction into the market and compliance with the principles of lean manufacturing are their strengths. Further, the company also believes in a very high-quality production standard and highly specialized team of employees.

About Modelleriaferrieri Srl:

Initially, this company with the name as Modelleria Fonderia Ferrieri was established with the intention of offering molds and models of excellent workmanship in the year 1970.  The purpose of establishment was to help foundries in Tuscany that operate within the metallurgical district of Val D’Elsa. Then, slowly foundry activity and mechanical workshop acquisition also happened.

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