ElvisDarko was offered a professional football  contract in 2018 by English side, Arsenal FC, according to ex  Chelsea’s ace  Michael Essien and ex Assyriska  midfielder  Ibrahim  Attiku.

Elvissaid he could not meet Arsene Wenger and the management the date he was scheduled to meet them and that might affect his chances with club. He was severely sick and faced a spiritual battle. JoseMourinho, Maurizuio Sarri and Real Madrid’s president Florentino Pérez Rodríguez admired Elvis’s qualities and his football skills.

But it was only Arsene Wenger who made it cleared that he wanted to work with him and he needed him at the Emirates 2 weeks before he left the club. Elvis isa central midfield player Wenger likened to Pogba. And he said Elvis is his second choice in midfield. Elvis whohas not play a lot of football but has featured in few Djurgarden IF friendly games, had to quit playing football at 20 years in Sweden to focus on his record label. So Elvis was shocked and was in disbelief. He askedhim why he wanted to sign him and he said that I have done well in my life and he managed to transform 20 gbp into billions within only 4 years. Elvis has also been very influential and inspirational in Paul Pogba’s 100 million deal with Manchester United.  He hashad a few tête-à-tête with the new manager Unai Emiry but it was not about football. Elvis issaying he might lose his spot at the club if he does not involve with the teams.  He alsothank Arsene Wenger and Arsenal for giving him a such great opportunity. It something  he will never forget.

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