London, UK (March 28, 2019) – The long-established web design consultancy Inteltab (established 2002) announcestheir new website design service, YourContent Websites, where top quality, high specification websites cost from only $45.

Called YourContent Websites, this new service is designed for businesses on a very tight budget who may have thought of having their own website but then dismissed it on grounds of cost.

cheap website design are top quality, very high specification websites which would normally cost $700 - $1,000, but cost only $45 and upwards.

The reason for the very low cost is because over 95% of a website’s cost goes into creating the website’s content, and with this service the content is supplied by the client. Founder Peter Deakin says that he discovered the need for such a service when talking to business owners who were frustrated at the cost of websites, and would jump at the chance of a website with blank pages so that they could insert their own content using a simple editor.

“If the client supplies all the content then that reduces the cost by over 95%”, says Deakin. “The high quality sites we have been making for nearly 20 years is still the best you can find”, he added. “Each website is unique, with the on-page SEO supplied and running right through it.”

The basic website will consist of a main content page and the seven recommended ancillary pages (Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Help, Disclaimer, Bespoke 404 Error Page and About Us) “which show Google and the other search engines that you mean business!”.

YourContent Websites are written in HTML5 and CSS3, so that they are responsive in all devices and formats. “They will look beautiful in any device and any format” says Deakin, “whether that’s a desktop computer, a laptop, mobile, tablet or TV size. Your website will look great.”

Prices for YourContent websites start at $45 and there is a sliding scale for extra content pages rising to 0.60 cents per web page.

The service can be contacted by email at

The website is


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