Award-Winning Author, Andre Porter recently experienced a real-life changing saga. Andre a prolific Jamaican born author, just completed a short term in jail after being wrongfully accused by a woman. He was found not guilty before the trial proving his innocence beyond the shadow of a doubt.  Mr. Porter is excited to be able to have his case exonerated & his record expunged. Andre's resilience is unmatched and is turning tragedy into triumph. He and his team are now planning a tour based on his book Tears From My Pen with hopes of making it a film. While incarcerated Andre wrote two more books, Tears From My Pen II and  Guilty Before Proven Innocent which is about the prison system. He is also working on a documentary Diary of a prisoner. Andre is also a ghost writer for hire and has penned some extraordinary stories. 

Tears From My Pen:

Love is sometimes taken for granted and our emotions tampered with. This is the detailed confession of an investment banker who discovers his wife was six weeks pregnant for a man infected with HIV. What would you do if that happened to you? What if he cheated and got infected? What if she cheated and got pregnant Worse, what if the child you fathered is not yours? There are two sides to every story and unfortunately, she will never be able to tell her side. 

Andre is inspired and determined to take every opportunity to share the power of his gift to write with his audience.  You will meet this talented writer at a book store near you. To request him call:

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