With 7777 Unique NFTs Honeybee collection from Beellionaire club is launching on Feb 25, 2022 on the Ethereum blockchain. Exclusive whitelist sale will become available on Feb 23, 2022.


Beellionaire club, a new NFT project, announce the launch of their latest endeavor: 7777 unique NFTs, created to work together to serve the same purpose of creating an innovative art, gaming and utility project.

This is the project’s first venture into the evolving world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) pixel art.


The exclusive Honeybee collection will become available on Friday, 25.2.2022, at 12 pm ET / 5 pm GMT on the Ethereum blockchain. The 7777 stunning NFTs, created on ERC-721 contract, are priced at 0.05 ETH. Exclusive whitelist sale will become available on Wednesday, 23.2.2022, at 12 pm ET / 5 pm GMT on the Ethereum blockchain, priced at 0.04 ETH..


Their entire collection of Honeybee NFTs are all 100% unique. They are randomly generated by Beellionaire’s own artist, allowing each NFT a diversified trait rarity.


Each owned Honeybee generates 10 $NECTAR/day, which can be used to redeem different rewards including ticketed social events, giveaways, and metaverse items.


“Beellionaire club was founded to achieve simplicity and bring all that the NFT space has to offer on one unique platform, so it’s only fitting for us to bring this legacy into the world of NFTs, as said by the project founders. “Our up-and-coming NFT drop is more than just pixel art. We created this new collection for to bring value to the whole project with the tokenized utility system in order to reward long-term holders and to show them that they are an equal part of the project as the founders themselves. This three-phase project is not only inspired by CyberKongz, but also represents a wide variety of the world of Tokenized projects.”


Beellionaire club has made it their mission to package up everything NFTs have to offer in the same project. They’re doing this by distributing them in various phases.


Beellionaire club provides an inventive solution to remain relevant in the future NFT space.


In the early stages of NFTs, they found inspiration for Phase 1 of their project. Specifically, in the beauty of 8-bit pixel art, which has had much success—as is the case with projects like CryptoPunks.


The beauty of Beellionaire club’s art lies in the simplicity it provides. It’s on this foundation from which they’ll confidently launch Phase 1, which is utility based.


Community-oriented projects like Beellionaire club are setting out to revolutionize the DAO project concept by empowering their community.


While overpromising and overhyping have been the downside of many projects in the NFT space, Beellionaire club has made it work for them by providing people with clear and transparent plans for the future of the project.


The strategy behind Phase 2 is oriented towards creating innovative art by 10 designers. These designers will compete to be selected by The Hive community for the next Killerbee NFT drop.


Giving back to the people is one of the core values of the Beelionnaire club project. It’s on this foundation that trust, transparency, and collaboration are built within the community over time.


Beellionaire club is also setting a great example of generosity as shown in their commitment to donating to various bee charity organizations. For Beellionaire club community there will be poll organized, where the community will decide which specific organizations will receive the funds.


In Phase 3, community growth and community wallet will enable Beellionaire club to find its place alongside the biggest gaming and metaverse projects. Beellionaire club will be launched onto the metaverse platform chosen by The Hive.


Although it’s a substantial goal to achieve, it’s only a question of time when we will see Beellionaire club and similar projects taking off.


The team members are more than happy to organize AMAs and other social events where they are more than happy to answer all your questions. For more information, check out their Discord server.


Business Name: Binary Dash d.o.o

Contact Person: Bruno Poslon

Email :


Country : Croatia


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