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Lisa Bree Hoggarth, the Only supermodel in the world and reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe opens up about sexual harassment in her prior career as a car sales consultant and what she still faces in modelling. “I shouldn’t have taken the role at Nissan in 2017, the General Manager showed warning signs by continuing to peer down my top inappropriately at the interview. I felt desperate for work and overlooked the red flag at the beginning.” Lisa went on to experience verbal abuse from the same general manager, six months later, yet she remains relatively silent about the ins and outs of what occurred.

“I’ve had photographers adjust my necklace near my cleavage and make comments such as, ‘I can’t believe you’re not popping out of that bikini top.’ I am learning to be a lot more assertive with not accepting these musings by these men. For example, the photographer that touched me could have told me, instead of leaning towards me. I can fix my own necklace. They must control their flirtations.” The only supermodel said she has offended a new photographer prior to shooting by putting the boundary in place that he not touch her. “This one reiterated that he was a professional and shook his head towards other photographers for acting in such a manner, he wasn’t warming to my ‘no touching of the only supermodel in the world policy.’” Marilyn Monroe if you didn’t know, is Lisa Bree Hoggarth but that’s recorded on Lisa’s social media.

“I told the man his comment was inappropriate in relation to my bust ‘popping out.’ Moreover he spoke rubbish about being someone who would help to find me work. He said he did campaign shoots for Nike, he didn’t live up to his word of being a good person and giving me work.” Lisa stresses professionalism in what she does and expects the same from those who she works with, “as a sex symbol it’s confronting because I must have boundaries in place. They should keep their eyes on the prize and in focus.”



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