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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March, 2022 ( -

Feeturre, an entertainment and music marketplace platform, was awarded a $100,000 development support grant as part of RippleX's XRPL Grants program. The grant will accelerate Feeturre into Web 3.0 blockchain and add additional value to the XRP Ledger (XRPL) ecosystem.

Feeturre connects artists, producers, influencers, and their representation for collaboration and commerce. It provides a two-sided (buyers and sellers) web-based solution to the entertainment industry. Furthermore, it refines talent values, negotiations, and inefficient payment methods by expanding the opportunity for all artists and their representation to collaborate directly with other creators and buyers.

This expansion will enhance the platform to accommodate blockchain-based assets, such as crypto payments, smart contracts, and NFTs on XRPL, which are part of a larger Web 3.0 infrastructure. Feeturre has already attracted high-profile talent such as John Monopoly, Kanye West's co-manager, Kris D. Lofton, star of 50 Cent's Power Book IV: Force, and Kayper, award-winning DJ and producer from the United Kingdom. With the funding provided by RippleX, Feeturre will release new, cutting-edge enhancements to their powerhouse platform.

Feeturre Was Built on Web 2.0—With A Web 3.0 Vision

Feeturre uses a modern Web 2.0 platform where artists can manifest ideas into an actual product that is ready for sale, distribution, and promotion. Feeturre consists of three major elements: a "skill for hire" talent menu, an instant download-ready digital asset marketplace, and a set of profile controls to readily enable representation to monitor and maintain an artist's profile.

"Ultimately, Web 3.0 and smart contract capabilities allow Feeturre to be the perfect oracle to disrupt the industry!"

Ty Schell - CTO of Feeturre

"The team is excited about our new journey on the XRP Ledger. Our vision is to create a ripple effect that will impact the entire entertainment industry."

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Casey Swift - CEO of Feeturre

"With the XRP Ledger, Feeturre will have low transaction fees and fast settlement, creating a clear advantage over competitors. The integration of XRPL-based NFTs is a key step in accelerating the adoption of the Internet of Value."

Elliot Lee - RippleX

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About Feeturre LLC

Feeturre is a cloud-based platform connecting artists, producers and influencers for collaboration and commerce. Feeturre, provides a two-sided (buyers and sellers) web-based solution for artists, creators, influencers and their representation.

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