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Google Ads is definitely the king of all advertising, dominating the global advertising scene for every product from tooth picks to yachts and mansions.

Many businesses hire consultants to run their Google Ads campaigns for them, because the learning curve is so steep and many of the available tutorials are geared more towards to selling something extra to the would-be student rather than to guide him. Many of the new advertisers on Google ads tend to be those who have just started a home business. The task of setting up and running the different types of Google Ads can be quite daunting and the Google Ads interface itself can be intimidating.

The “Google Ads Cookbook” published on tries to solve this problem. The author, Dave Hart focuses on what he views as the most cost effective and strategic advertising options available on Google Ads. He focuses on YouTube Video Advertising, YouTube Banner advertising, Display Advertising, Search Advertising and Gmail Advertising.  The author then takes the reader on a step-by-step journey as he places his own ads, each and every step illustrated by a screenshot of the author’s own computer screen, with exact instructions.

The author of “The Google Ads Cookbook” states his aim to empower newcomers to the field of Google Advertising to be able to set up these sophisticated advertisement systems by following the steps that he provides. He takes care to include even the most minor steps so that user is never at a loss as to ‘What do I do next?!’ which is often times the case when the user tries to use various tutorials on YouTube which tend to gloss over some simple yet crucial steps.

“The Google Ads Cookbook” is available as kindle, paperback or hardcover from Amazon, and if you are on Amazon Prime you can get it shipped to you fairly quickly.

Dave Hart also divulges his plans to publish a sequel to “The Google Ads Cookbook” which would focus on Google Analytics and the Google Tag Manager, both of which have undergone a sea change over the last one year.


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