FEBRUARY, 2022- Los Angeles, CA— With news breaking news today that FOX’s Joe Millionaire has rivaled The Bachelor in viewership and fandom, or maybe just memes about the two lead men’s “Bro-mance,” many are attributing the show's success to the up-leveling in casting executed by the casting crew at Cornwell Casting.

Since January of 2021, Cornwell Casting spent almost half a year casting the show, looking for two willing bachelors that would be the unicorn combination of; desirable for women, fun lead characters, would potentially get along as “bros” and oh, right, be a millionaire or at least potentially appear to be one.

What was their strategy for casting the show? What special qualities were they looking for?

How did they know when they found “the ones”?

According to Jason Cornwell, Co-Owner of Cornwell Casting, “Joe Millionaire was one of the most challenging jobs we’ve ever had. We had days where we didn’t actually know if this was going to work, to be honest. And then we found our leads and hoped, wished and prayed they got along when they met on set the first episode. Like the rest of America, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

“We figured if the guys casting the show all got along with both Steven (McBee) and Kurt (Sowers) then they most likely would get along with each other,” said Damon Collazo, also a founder of Cornwell Casting. “Thank God they did… and their friendship is a great secondary story line.”


Cornwell Casting is a reality television casting company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2006 by former Real World Boston cast member turned casting director, Jason Cornwell, the company’s mission is to find and deliver the most dynamic casts possible in any genre of reality television, from dating to game show casts. Partner Damon Collazo, originally working in scripted television, joined Cornwell in 2007 and together they have built a turn-key independent casting company, composed of some of the industry's most sought after casting directors with over 300 combined shows on their resumes. This state of the art, all-inclusive casting company has run some of the biggest reality show castings across the business, from MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER to EX ON THE BEACH and most recently, FOX’s MENTAL SAMURAI and JOE MILLIONAIRE: FOR RICHER OR POORER. With countless shows airing, and more in production, Cornwell Casting continues to help take ideas from concept to series knowing large part of a show’s success begins with a great cast.


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