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The WYO Educate program led by the charity World Youth Organization is set to relaunch its mental health workshops in schools from September 2022.

Since running a successful pilot program educating over 2000 young people on mental health education, the charity has decided to relaunch with improved content, more versatile delivery methods and a specific target to reach schools in remote areas.

Kieran Goodwin, Chief Executive at the World Youth Organization says “Relaunching our mental health workshops and WYO Educate could not come at a better time. With the pandemic and changes in teaching, young people have never been more vulnerable and prone to mental health illness. Our workshops aim to sign-post young people to services, open up the conversation around the topic, and offer reassurance that it is okay to not feel okay.”

With an initial target set at 80 schools in its first year, the charity says it has the potential to educate over 100,000 young people on mental health education.

The mental health workshop covers topics on depression, anxiety, eating disorders, healthy lifestyles, exam stress, and confidentiality.

Mr. Aylett, Vice Principal of Bower Park Academy says “During the pandemic, we have seen growing numbers of students and young adults in the education system suffering from Mental Health. It is so important we are able to share experiences, strategies, and techniques so that no one feels alone. The only way we can do this is by educating people about Mental Health. That is why it is so important that the WYO Educate program are able to visit as many organizations as possible to share these important messages.”

Currently, there are no statutory guidelines for schools to teach or include mental health on the curriculum despite one in six children aged five to 16 having a probable mental health condition, according to Young Minds.

Chief Operating Officer at the World Youth Organization, Jaylan Sesli adds “education young people are receiving has suffered immensely during the global pandemic, and services have been harder to access. The World Youth Organization is offering mental health workshops that not only allow vital education on mental health to take place but the opportunity to allow young people to regain their confidence and ability to take charge of their feelings.”

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