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Fintech has brought more options than ever before, as well as new levels of engagement and expectations. People are looking for new methods to save money and be rewarded for their purchases. The digital payments sector is booming, but it's also evolving quickly. Financial institutions, banks, and payment providers want to stay top-of-wallet by integrating a world-class frictionless cash back plan into their payments experience. Foomotion being one of the leading fintech software development company believe that the expansion of fintech has been driven new technologies, such as blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence and this trend has been expedited by the entry of large technology companies into the fintech business and the development of novel antidotes to fintech technologies.

Looking back on 2021, there are only a few adjectives that come to mind to define Foomotion's year in review: growth and momentum. We want to celebrate the success we've made with our software development service. Our passionate and dedicated team, and, most importantly, our customers made this possible, and they will continue to be Foomotion's foundation and catalyst in the coming year.

Foomotion is expecting great 2022.

We wanted to share a few highlights from the previous year.

Just in previous year2021:

-          Foomotion team has worked on 5+ fintech software development projects.

-          Over 30 employees added to team.

-          Over 50,000 users using the fintech software applications we made for our clients.

-          Won an award on fintech development project.

The hard effort our softwaredevelopment teams have put into enhancing our tech stack has resulted in a lot of the momentum we've established in 2021. This task necessitates months of research, both with our customers and the fintech industry. We started the year 2021 with a staff of 20, but by the end of the year, we had grown to around 60 people. As we continue to grow the team, we will continue to invest in our people and tech stack.


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