With the aim to teach people about the business potential of the internet, What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online recently launched its website where aspiring digital entrepreneurs can find relevant resources about putting up their own online business. The website focuses on four main digital entrepreneurship pathways namely: business blogging, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and offering services online. Aside from these resources, What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online also offers a digital entrepreneurship master class where students will undergo thorough training on building a profitable online business.


Business Blogging


As of 2021, there are about 6.9 million posts being published every day from around 600 million blogs all over the world. The rise in the number of established blogs stems deeply from the growing potential of the internet in terms of business and profitability. While traditional blogging is mostly about using the blog as a personal outlet, business blogging is launching a blog to grow a business by means of using it as a way to establish an online presence, widen brand awareness, and generate leads. Business blogging is closely related to the other digital entrepreneurship pathways since the blog or website usually serves as the platform for the other three especially affiliate marketing.


What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online aims to guide aspiring business bloggers on how to build their own website, launch their blog, and grow and monetize it by publishing relevant posts for their target audience. The website’s blog is also home to relevant articles on business blogging. Accordingly, success in business blogging entails a blogger’s expertise, dedication to continuous learning, and passion to achieve their goal.


Affiliate Marketing


Advertising has come a long way from traditional pamphlets and television commercials. Today, advertisers build partnerships with content creators like bloggers and influencers who are in closer contact with people who follow them. These content creators earn through affiliate marketing where they enter affiliate programs and implement affiliate links all throughout their platforms for their readers and followers to check out. They may earn from commissions through pay-per-click or pay-per-impression.


What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online aims to guide content creators and aspiring affiliates on how to enter good affiliate programs either by starting from scratch or making use of their existing platforms. They also publish relevant content on how to effectively implement affiliate marketing techniques and choose the best affiliate programs depending on the niche they are in.


Google AdSense


Aside from affiliate marketing, content creators can also earn through advertising under Google AdSense which connects online advertisers to content creators who either own websites, blogs, or YouTube channels. These content creators make accounts under Google AdSense and connect them to their platforms which serve as ad spaces for advertisements from brands and businesses. Just like affiliate marketing, earning through AdSense also depends on pay-per-click and/or pay-per-impression. Many content creators earn decently through it but they are required to follow certain policies to enter the program and remain in it.


What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online aims to help content creators earn more by maximizing the ad spaces of their platforms like websites and blogs. They publish content to guide them step-by-step on how to create an AdSense account and connect it to their platforms.


Offering Online Services


For the past decade, there has been a rise in online services across the internet as more people and businesses transition into the digital world. It has even been more heightened by the pandemic since services are mostly offered and done online already. Therefore, most digital entrepreneurs ventured into online businesses that offer services for people either locally or all over the world. The comfort and convenience make it more in demand as customers can easily access these services in the comfort of their own homes.


What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online aims to guide aspiring digital entrepreneurs on how to effectively choose their niche and type of service to offer, how to build and launch their platform, and how to grow it.


About What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online


What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online is a digital platform for aspiring digital entrepreneurs who wish to learn about the business potential of the internet and start their own online business. Interested clients for the digital entrepreneurship master class can send inquiries by visiting or sending an email to



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