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Sharjah University Hospital announced the application of the latest international protocols in the treatment of breast cancer patients, which are based on the use of chemotherapy before performing surgeries in some cases of breast tumors, in addition to relying on the best modern scientific methods.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Tariq Ibrahim Mahdi, Head of the Department and Consultant of General Surgery at the hospital, said: “The hospital received a 57-year-old woman who was complaining about the appearance of a sudden lump in the left breast. As she discovered it, she visited us at the University Hospital in Sharjah, especially, because she knew that the hospital uses the latest Scientific methods in the diagnosis and treatment of such cases. The hospital’s doctors determined the optimal treatment for the patient, where a sample of the breast was taken and studied under a microscope, then the tumor was removed after that.

He added, "There are old ways to treat breast tumors, which are to perform an excision first, then chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But the modern way to treat such cases, it to use chemotherapy before performing surgeries in cases of breast tumors larger than 2 cm, then the surgery is performed." By removing a small part of the breast that does not affect the general condition of the breast, after that, chemotherapy is completed. This protocol has proven amazing results worldwide in treating and eliminating breast cancer permanently.”

He continued, "The patient shared opinion with her doctor and did not accept the old method, which is to perform the operation first, then chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as she was looking for the best modern treatment methods. The treating team at the University Hospital in Sharjah decided to start chemotherapy to control the tumor in place. That lasted for two months. Then the operation was performed and only the tumor was removed to keep the breast preserved, which is the best method compared to the old method,” noting that the patient left the hospital one day after the operation, after setting up appointments for medical follow-up in the outpatient clinics, as well as completing chemotherapy after the operation. ".

In the same context, Dr. Ali Obaid Al Ali, CEO and member of the Board of Trustees of the University Hospital of Sharjah, said: “There is a complete unit for the treatment of breast tumors in the University Hospital of Sharjah, that includes the specialties of breast surgery; breast tumors, breast plastic surgery, consultants specialized in imaging of breast diseases and others who are specialized in breast tumor examination. All specialties work as one team to treat breast diseases and tumors according to the latest international protocols.” And he noted that women's health is a top priority for UAE in general and the University Hospital in Sharjah in particular.

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