MIAMI, Sept. 24, 2022  -- One of the top providers of technology solutions, Techunting, has elevated several important members of its client services team and expanded its leadership team. The growth of the company will be expedited, and Techunting's most precious asset, its talent, will enjoy better support and development opportunities thanks to the expansion.

Matching each client's demands with the greatest personnel from LATAM is the responsibility of the  TH Recruiting Team  .  As VP of Business Development & Marketing, Marina De Giobbi will be working with Techunting to support the company's recent record growth.

We are very happy to have added a Marketing VP to the TH Team, said   Marcelo Teselman, Techunting's CSM & Co-Founder . "Her  expertise will help Techunting achieve its expansion goals and assist us in overcoming the challenges presented by the current business environment. Her  efforts will undoubtedly strengthen us and enable us to expand while generating lasting value for our customers, employees, and business as a whole."

"Technology has the ability to raise individuals; it may significantly improve the quality of life of professionals from humble neighborhoods in Honduras or Argentina. I picture a Latin American region where its people are respected for their talents, innovation, and technological know-how. We are accustomed to pivots, hard effort, creativity, and a can-do mentality in Latin America. In our society, it is inherent. For instance, many people, regardless of their social status, can study and obtain a degree in Argentina because higher education is free there. As a result, we have some of the best technical and developer profiles on the market. LATAM becomes the go-to place for finding pros and squads when you factor in a handy time zone that almost exactly matches those of the US and Canada and a reduced cost of living.”, said De Giobbi.

De Giobbi will be in charge of developing important growth projects as the vice president of business development, including broadening the proactive commercial development discipline. These initiatives will play a significant role in the more accelerated company growth.

Silvana Oviedo will broaden the focus on LATAM for Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico in her role as Recruiting Manager. She holds a psychology degree and has over 14 years of experience running recruiting operations for technical projects.

Digital Acceleration for company transformation

Almost every company, regardless of industry, wants to expand. It has become clear that technology is essential to growth and innovation.

The secret to a business' transformation is digital acceleration. You become more powerful and resilient as a result. It enables you to scale, accomplish more, cut expenses, and enhance value offers. Additionally, it will aid in preventing you from running the risk of falling behind the competitors.

About Techunting

A well-known provider of technology solutions, Techunting is situated in Miami, FL with offices in Spain and Argentina. Its business is able to create development teams that are perfectly suited to the needs of startups and the greatest organizations by hiring the Top Tech Talent. The most notable customers of Techunting are, among others, Rockwell Automation, Audiocodes,  DMI ,  Prosegur , and Axxiome.

For the Best Companies in the World, Techunting offers IT staffing services (Staff Augmentation, IT support centers, & Recruiting) that are designed as a unique human experience.

Techunting has a staff of professionals in almost every technology imaginable and is still growing its business around the world. 

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