FULLERTON, Calif, Sept, 2022 – California State University Fullerton’s Center for Family Business kicks-off its fall series of one-day workshops on October 18, with the focus on “Developing Non-Family Leaders” for family-run businesses.


The CSUF Center for Family Business, part of the university’s Business and Economics Department, offers family business owners an every-other-month program of in-depth, one-day workshops to help family business owners navigate leadership, tax, legislative, and succession issues family enterprises face daily.

The current schedule starts with the October 18 one-day workshop on leadership and is followed by the December 6, 2022, workshop focusing on “Cybersecurity” and the damage it causes family businesses.

“This series of workshops will be of great importance to family businesses that are part of the California State University Fullerton program,” Pat Soldano, President, Family Enterprise USA, a supporter of the workshop series.

“The workshops allow family business owner to understand the fundamental issues critical to their business’ survival and they have a chance to learn from experts in these respective fields,” she said. “These are compelling topics for the remainder of this year and into the new year. We hope each workshop will bring to life the critical stories that affect families and their businesses.”

In 2023, the CSUF Center for Family Business intensive workshops are slated to begin February 21 with the topic: “Communicating to Your Workforce: How Much and How Often Do You Communicate with Employees?”

This will be followed by the April 18, 2023, workshop entitled: “Board Development: and Successes and Fiascos with Succession Planning.”

The Center for Family business was formed in 1995 by California State University, Fullerton, the third largest business school in the nation. The center was formed to assist family businesses in recognizing common problems and in finding solutions to the issues that confront them. The center's mission is to use education to help family businesses in its region grow and to “keep harmony in the family.”

About Family Enterprise USA

Family Enterprise USA promotes family business and job creation, growth, viability, and sustainability by advocating for family businesses, their lifetime of savings, and the issues they face running their businesses every day. The issues we fight for or against with Congress in Washington DC are high Income Tax Rates, possible elimination of Valuation Discounts, increase in Capital Gains Tax, enactment of a Wealth Tax, and the continued burden of the Estate Tax (death tax), and with the possible elimination of Step up in Basis. Family Enterprise USA represents and celebrates all sizes, and industries of family businesses and multi-generational employers. FEUSA is a 501.C3 organization

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