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DUBAI, JULY 13, 2021 - Popular HR Software and Accounting Software maker Delicate Software Solutions has added a new system to their already popular softwares — Cheque Printing System. In this system, all the user needs is the company's cheque printing software and cheque printer, and then he or she can print any number of cheques of any bank in all of Dubai and the UAE. Now there is no need to run to the bank every time the cheque book comes to an end because people can sit at home or their offices and print cheques to pay their bills, salaries, installments and any other payment in just a few clicks!


The cheque printing software, also known as FastCheque, lets users print cheques they want on any bank's cheque book. Since virtually all UAE banks' cheque templates are preloaded, users will find it very easy to print their cheques without the slightest hassle. Users can select the bank of their choosing, enter the 'Payable To' name, select the date for the cheque, enter the amount, tear the cheque leaf and click Print Cheque and voila! A perfectly valid Cheque is ready to be handed over! The cheque printing software also keeps a record of all cheques that may be printed or exported to Excel/PDF format. The cheques can be printed in three ways :-


  • Single Cheque Printing Mode
  • Batch Cheque Printing
  • Import From Excel And Print Cheques


"Dubai and the UAE have never seen anything like this before. Now with our top class cheque printing system, users can print cheques of any bank with any number of bank accounts. Cheque Parameters and designs are completely authorized and predefined, though users also have the option of altering the design templates by themselves. Reports can be generated between any two dates in any format the user chooses. It takes only 10-15 minutes to learn to print cheques and start using the software! The user interface is so easy that even a little novice can learn how to operate. We assure you, with this cheque printing software, all of your payment schedules will be aligned to be on time. For more information, please visit", said Mr. Balbir Singh, founder of Delicate Software Solutions.



Delicate Software Solutions is primarily a company that designs HR Payroll Softwares and Accounting Softwares. The company also designs cheque printing systems that help people to print any cheque of any UAE bank to pay expenditures. It is one of the most popular software systems for companies in the UAE.



Mr. Balbir Singh

Cheque Printing System Consultant

Delicate Software Solutions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971-4-4216577

Mob: +971-52-9957352





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