NEWSDESK, MAY 28, 2021 - Top gaming portal GameC2C has launched a new game called Rise Of Kingdoms. Created by Lilith Games, this game has already begun to have a large fan following because of its storyline, continuation and graphics. Gamers can experience the rise and fall of kingdoms and empires like never before. In the initial stages of the game, gamers are tasked with erecting and upgrading buildings, conduct research and recon and train the troops for protection and battle. "The game is so exciting that even saying a word will give away spoilers! Check it out and be amazed!", said a coding personnel who worked on the game.

A simple click on will take the gamer straight to the gaming portal and also to Rise Of Kingdoms Resources. If you're one of the lucky ones, gamers may find themselves a great deal too! After gamers have bought the necessary things from Rise Of Kingdoms Resources, the after-sales service will blow their minds. The smoothness and promptness of response and assistance is second to none. In case a transaction fails, the compensation for the exact value is given to the gamer in a jiffy. The success rate of transactions is over 95%!

"Rise Of Kingdoms Game and Rise Of Kingdoms Resources sales have been over the moon. We have seen tremendous response to both and the reviews are through the roof. We believed something like this would happen for sure because we put a lot of thought and work into it. We take every project more than seriously and design something that we want for our own selves. As a thumb rule, we don't make for others what we wouldn't use ourselves. Thus we have our personnel attending gamers across the world round clock to assist them. We exhort more gamers to get the Rise Of Kingdoms Resources and watch their game fly to the next level. Raise your kingdom, your empire now!", said the founder of GameC2C.


GameC2C is a leading brand of online games and virtual goods service all over the world. It's latest game, Rise Of Kingdoms and Rise Of Kingdoms Resources, are massively popular among players. Reasonable price, speedy transaction delivery, 365/24/7 non-stop customer service, legal and secure guarantee is a specialty of GameC2C.

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