SHEN ZHEN, 22TH MAY, 2021 - Popular gadget maker XGODY has launched a new gadget for trucks and truckers for better navigation — the XGODY X4 BT/F 9'' Navigator GPS Sat Nav FM Bluetooth. Known as the King of gadgets in China, XGODY launched this sat nav after navigating through many successful products including, phones, smart wearables, dash cams, etc. This mind blowing GPS laden satellite navigator comes with a huge 9 inch screen, FM, and Bluetooth. Apart from these, the GPS Navigator also has an excellent screen resolution of 800x480 that makes the pictures very clear and the device very handy.

It must also be mentioned that the sat nav also supports touch screen. No other similar product in the market has such a combination of finesse that XGODY has done with its products, especially with this sat nav. The device also comes with free map upgrades that make navigating like a piece of cake. Not to mention the product also comes with a charger that is very convenient to use and radically reinvents both navigation for car and the truck navigation systems. Add to the fact that it comes with an 8GB ROM  and a fantastic Driving Alarm  makes the device a heavy force to reckon with.

"We're glad with the response that our products, and in particular this GPS Navigator, has gotten so far. This truck GPS/car GPS is an excellent addition to the cars and trucks whose drivers travel for long distances, without having the thought of getting lost ever. The maps are the latest and the most accurate. Clients also get free lifetime map upgrades. The touch screen elements a flair and saves time for the drivers. Every piece of technology that we have upgraded in this GPS Navigator System is going to make driving infinitely easier. Trust us, driving you way to your destination only gets better with XGODY X4", said the Production Manager at XGODY.


XGODY is a big tech brand that manufactures and integrates GPS navigators, mobile phones, tablets, smart wearables, and Bluetooth products etc. XGODY is committed to continuously improving product quality and enhancing user experience. Making XGODY become a technology brand that everyone can afford is their goal.

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