LOS ANGELES, CA, JULY 29, 2021 - Top Grammy stars Rod Harris Jr. and Saunders Sermons have launched the new track for the latest EP, Midnight Sky. Titled Make Me Say It Again Girl, the number is a recreation of the 1975 hit from the Isley Brothers. In fact, their entire 4 track EP is a recreation of Isley Brothers' hits. Since its release, both Harris and Sermons & their EP have been the center of attention for their brilliant rendition of the classic hits. The Soul Jazz genre that they have given to the songs have been met with glorious reviews and thousands of streams in just three weeks of its release.


Hailing from Atlanta and Miami respectively, Harris and Sermons are Grammy nominated and Grammy winners respectively. Rod Harris is a singer, songwriter and a guitarist. Saunders Sermons is a trombonist and a singer. The track Make Me Say It Again Girl is from the original album The Heat Is On. Their second track The Midnight Sky, which also happens to be the name of Harris and Saunders' EP, has been taken from the album Live It Up. Their third track, Sensuality, also is from the original album The Heat Is On. And their last number Work To Do is from the album It's Your Thing : The Story Of The Isley Brothers.


"It's a fantastic album both Harris and Sermons have come up with. It's a tribute to one of the most celebrated singing sensations of the 70s —The Isley Brothers. Those who listened to the radio back then can testify what a brilliant band they were. It is only fitting that Grammy Stars like Rod Harris Jr and Saunders Sermons have sung some of their biggest hits. Their album Midnight Sky is available across all music streaming platforms", said the manager of Saunders Sermons.



Make Me Say It Again Girl is the latest track by Rod Harris Jr and Saunders Sermons from their EP titled Midnight Sky. The songs in the EP are recreations of songs of the same name by Isley Brothers.



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