London, UK –For many, staying active and fit is an important part of our daily life. We like to get in and out of the gym as efficiently as possible and that means making the most out of every workout. We don’t have time to be side-lined by an injury which could put our fitness program on hold indefinitely. This is where the latest evolution of fitness wear comes in. With innovative multi-zone compression clothing designed to provide safety and support during even the most gruelling of workouts, YOHUDA has the solution we have been looking for.


YOHUDA is an all new fitness wear supplier launching this autumn with the mission of keeping everyone from the moderate gym goer to today’s elite athletes safe from muscle and joint injuries. With a full range of safe fitness and healthy lifestyle products available, YOHUDA has the gear you need regardless of your fitness level or activity.


YOHUDA’s USP Ultra Knee Protection Leggings were designed from the ground up to provide support for your knees. Innovative multi zone compression features ensure a snug, yet flexible, fit which can help to warm up your muscles properly and support your knee during all kinds of activities.


Benefits Of Knee Compression Fitness Wear

Aside from making your workouts safer and more effective, there are many benefits of knee compression fitness wear including:

  • Combined knee compression can increase stability & balance.
  • Targeted knee compression can help to relieve joint pain and control inflammation.
  • The medical-grade neoprene used in YOHUDA’s knee compression fitness wear aids in absorbing shock to reduce joint vibration.
  • Knee compression fitness wear keeps your joint warm to help prevent injury.
  • Our anti-microbial treated fabrics used in YOHUDA’s knee compression fitness wear help keep you feeling fresh and odour-free.
  • Knee compression fitness wear enables you to stay active longer and recover faster.


What Makes YOHUDA Different?

What makes YOHUDA different?YOHUDA is a company that is committed to the health and safety of their customers. Their range of multi-purpose leggings use a combination of upper-lower apparel with orthopaedic knee compression to combat pain and discomfort in the knee. No other fitness legging in the industry offers the same level of quality and support that YOHUDA’s knee compression fitness leggings do.


The YOHUDA website, which can be found, offers their complete range of knee compression leggings, an explanation of their use, and an informative blog.


To learn more about our full line of innovative multi-zone compression fitness wear, visit our website and be sure to sign up for exclusive offers and alerts which will ensure that you are the first to hear about new products, product updates, and more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get an exclusive first look at our full product range.


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