Kuwait, ME — Tarek Al Duaij is a thought-provoking man who has experienced so much during his years abroad. He covers a diverse range of topics regarding issues related to humanity. Tarek believes that society can do much better if people start looking inwards while finding a collective solution for their lives and the environment. 

As a thrill-seeker, Tarek has gone through many adventures during his time abroad. His intellectual perspective is not based on philosophical knowledge but rather on a life well-lived. Now, as Tarek approaches the next stage in life, he is humbled with a calmer perspective on existence. 

“Love is to respect and accept a human being enough so that we can forgive whatever that human being does,” Tarek explains in a recent interview. 

On his TikTok channel, Tarek covers his experiences and the lessons he learned along the way within realistic terms. His viewers seem to love the honesty and humbleness of this articulate individual as Tarek tries to rejuvenate their perspective on life. This sagacious individual has further helped people find their center through his unique meditation technique. 

About Tarek Al Duaij”

Tarek is a middle-aged man that has gone through many eye-opening experiences in his life. He is originally from Kuwait but spent much time in London while completing his studies. Through his knowledge and experiences, Tarek covers many topics with carefully constructed and well-thought arguments. 

Tarek believes in complete transparency and honesty while sharing his experiences with his viewers. He paints a realistic picture of his adventures and talks extensively about how people can improve their lives with just a little effort. This knowledgeable individual will undoubtedly change many lives as his TikTok channel begins to take off. For more information, visit


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