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(September 15th, 2021) - Popular Nigerian singer Kingvaldo is going to release his latest number Shout on the upcoming September 24. Going by his fandom and the sheer number of people who absolutely love him and his music, this track too will be another major hit and be another addition to the list of hit songs he has given. 


His EP released earlier this year took him and his stardom to a different level. He has also performed in numerous, socially distanced, exclusive events owing to the pandemic. However, his latest success propelled him to come up with Shout in record time that is all set to release in exactly two weeks.


Kingvaldo released his first EP titled Realms: The Invasion and has never looked back since. He was greeted with much love and his music was streamed hundreds of thousands of times across all music streaming platforms across the globe. His rapidly growing popularity among the masses led him to having his first concert just a year ago ,His fan base and popularity shot to the next level with the release of Second Adam and he has been firing on all cylinders since. Only God and Infinity Loop from that EP have been the most liked and appreciated numbers. In fact, these two have been the most requested tracks in all the events and concerts he has attended since.


Known as the “King of the New Era”, Kingvaldo has several thousand listeners. His songs infuse a new life in people and have them jive to his tunes. Both his EP's have been major hits. Since he was a child, he has known nothing but music. Now two hit EPs later, the coming September 24 is being predicted to be another crowning moment with the release of Shout. Watch out for him! He may just leave you mesmerized", said the manager of Kingvaldo.


About Kingvaldo:

Kingvaldo is a Nigerian singer who is set to release his latest song Shout this September 24. He has released two 2 EPs and both have been very well received by people.


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