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Author and Founder, Chuck Gunnip, of A-Better-Me.org Believes his works should be taught in Schools

Author and Founder, Charles J. Gunnip, of A-Better-Me.org just released his new book series “A Better Me!!!” starting with “Fundaments for an Awesome Life” on September, 2021.  He believes that his works should be taught in school as they are the foundation to how, why, and what is needed to understand ourselves and others, process situations, making decisions, planning, mental wellness, and selflessness.

The controversy begins here where it is argued that it is the parents’ job to teach their children these things and not the schools. As most people do believe that this is somewhat true, that all learning should start at home, however most people also think that our educational systems should continue what we have learned at home.

Cognition is usually not introduced till college level though it is said that cognitive development can start as young as six years old. As far as self-evolvement and the processes that are involved are again not available until college level however are the struggles of many of our teens as young as twelve years old or even younger. Isn’t this enough reason to be teaching these things to our children when they need it.

When asked why he believed in what he was doing he replied, “My search for and discovery of the tools, education, inspiration, and self-evolvement lead me to one idea and that was to share it with everyone. When A friend told me that “what you are planning to do is bigger than yourself” …he exclaimed “It’s A Movement”. It was then I felt that this is headed in the right direction for the right reasons and would definitely help a lot of people. I”

Charles J. Gunnip is a Life Coach certified in cognitive behavior as well as neurolinguistics. His passion to assist others has driven him to become an author and found an organization where their mission is to inspire individuals to create a better self and life through education, planning and self-evolvement. He is an advocate of the positive improvement of an individual’s mental wellness

His organization is base out of Syracuse, New York and he can be easily reach through his email at CharlesJGunnip@A-Better-Me.com. Link to Book https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FC7XBT8



Saturday, September 11, 2021