BEDFORDSHIRE, UK, 20TH AUGUST, 2021 - Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems or SUDS, the number one resin bound supplier in the UK has experienced rapid growth in its sales of resin aggregate. According to reports from the past quarter, sales are projected to further increase with their resin aggregate and gravel being in high demand. The top resin driveways supplier boasts of a decent share in the market for laying of resin gravel along the driveways, garden paths etc. Having a collection of the largest variety of enticing designs of resins, SUDS is the top and natural choice for homeowners to beautify their driveways.


Having been in the business for over 50 years, SUDS has virtually become a household name in all of the UK. Their resin bound is a BBA Approved Stonebinder System. The resin aggregate quality is highly porous, one that stands up to the high standards at SUDS and of a superior quality that is solvent free. The gravels are also non-hazardous and fast curing — one that makes the driveway highly attractive and a runoff that is smooth. Their resin aggregate is of a high strength system with UV and non-UV stabilized versions. SUDS is the market leader in supply of polyurethane. It provides every single item needed to finish resin bound installations and gives them a never-seen-before luxurious touch.


"We have been serving the UK for half a century now. You can be certain we have mastered the art of professional resin driveway installations and patio installations; and that we are second to none. We have a highly motivated, brilliant and vastly creative team of experienced professionals in place who are adept at handling even the most complex driveway installation jobs modern humanity has encountered. We don't just assure, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Try our wide range of resin aggregate in Autumn Dawn, Creme Brulee, Equinox, Nebula, Nutmeg, Sunset, Volcanic Ash and so much more to choose from. Give us a call for your patio, garden path or driveway installation today!



Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems or SUDS is a driveway installation company based in Bedfordshire, UK. It has been operating for more than half a century and is the number one supplier of high quality resin bound aggregate and gravel for driveways, patios and garden paths.



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