AHMEDABAD, 21TH DECEMBER, 2020 - Numerous are the people in India who use nicotine and other carcinogenic products. Whether it is khaini, pan masala, gutkha or cigarettes, this multi-billion dollar industry not only employs almost 46 million people but also has millions of tobacco consumers, second only after China, including production. While thousands die unfortunately every year because of it, there are still thousands who end up suffering with various ailments. One of them being Restricted Mouth Opening. Many have attempted to cure it over time with mouth opening surgery and mouth opening medicine, with some success. But is there a mouth opening treatment that is the best of them all, something that is more than just mouth opening surgery and mouth opening tablets?


Say Hello to OSMF Mouth Opening Kit. The one company that has an Easy-To-Use, Do It Yourself Mouth Opening Kit. Manufactured and distributed by Ahmedabad based Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd., the best OSMF Mouth Opening Kit is a Clinically Tested Formula & Patent Applied Award-Winning Best Product Of 2020. ISO Certified and Produced In A GMP Certified Facility, this natural and proprietary treatment for Oral Submucous Fibrosis Mouth Opening at Home Therapy can be done, believe it or not, at the convenience of your home!


We are thankful to each and everyone who has made this product a success. Our Mouth Opening Kit has been covered by various popular news portals and magazines. Most importantly, we have changed lives with it. So many of them have received its benefits. Even though Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) can be a result of nutritional deficiencies and immunologic processes too, it is largely because of tobacco consumption that OSMF results from. We can assure you that our OSMF Mouth Opening Kit will change for your life, for the better", said the Senior Manager at Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd.


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OSMF Mouth Opening Kit treatment @ home™ is a pioneering and path-breaking Do-it-yourself combo of mouth opening medicine tablets and mouth opening exercise device, Invented by Dr. Bharat Agravat.  He is Cosmetic and Implants Dental Surgeon setting new benchmarks of excellence with 18 distinguished awards, 20 years experienced. Researched and prominent and world renowned Indian Ayurveda Herbalist Dr. Harsha Agravat.


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