(16th January 2021):  Mobile Games are wonders of the Internet era. They attract world population to play Games irrespective of age factor. Here is a novel idea as never before to convert Mobile Games into attracting Customers to Businesses for foot traffic and reward the Players with Gifts at the same time. The Treasure hunt game software solution supplied by Location Reward is really amusing to know about and use for benefits.


The announcement made today by Location Reward provides elaborate details about this software, which has been necessitated for Businesses to regenerate the lost Customers due to the dangerous Covid-19 pandemic.


First of all, it is fun for everyone to play interesting Mobile Games all over the world. Whenever and wherever people have even very little idle time, instantly they search for their Mobile Phone and nibble its keys to play Games for fun and while away the time. This universal practice is converted into a beneficial Marketing Strategy, and by inserting this never before Treasure hunt ideas software, everyone gets benefited enormously.


The players when playing the game after downloading the App FOR FREE get numerous prizes and gifts, by way of gift cards, hospitality vouchers and such other different “treasures”. In addition, the players can get instant prizes as well as weekly prizes announced regularly.


Similarly, Businesses also gain a lot by sponsoring their Products into the game as Gifts. By using this software as their Marketing Medium, and by setting a location to be found by the Players and can woo the Customers to come to their location physically, and buy the products and merchandizes after claiming the real-time prizes.


Clubs, Restaurants, Café or Tourist Locations etc. where people gather in crowds to spend time happily can be highly benefited by this fun Mobile Game.


The announcement informs with glee that Treasure hunt games for kids is going to be a super-duper hit as a Mobile Game, and Business Technique. All interested Customers are invited to visit  for more details and get immensely benefited!


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