Artists and Labels who are serious about their music should get the 360 music package that can increase their chance of a song getting on Billboard and CMJ. Before ordering a package assure the song meets the requirements for radio. The song needs to be ready for commercial/territorial radio stations. Being radio-ready means the song is 320 kbps if it's a .mp3 or .wav file. Artists should have great a picture, cover art, and biography.

Try the package through Fiverr. The link is visit for all or services or go to

Categories of offering:

Get Discovered! Categories:

  • Booking Agents (Paid Gigs) (During (COVID-19) this is limited)
  • Clubs (Paid Gigs) (During (COVID-19) this is limited)
  • College Booking (Paid Gigs) (During (COVID-19) this is limited)
  • College Radio (CMJ Charts & More)
  • Conferences (Paid Gigs)
  • Festivals (Paid Gigs)
  • Film, TV & Media Licensing (Royalties)
  • Managers (Right fit )
  • Press (Editorials& Write-ups)
  • Radio (National & International Airplay)
  • Labels (Record Deal Submission)

Let's move on to guaranteed radio airplay: If an Artist or Label needs this service it starts at $199( or go through Fiverr for $240( and up! Guaranteed Radio Spins! - Serious Musicians Only! All Campaigns are 29 Days + Depending on the package of choice. iMastercopy offers weekly reporting that is on completed Tuesdays or Wednesdays!; The report can be DRT/MEDIA BASE/Nielsen reporting depending on the package. iMastercopy also offers Itunes charting.

About Billboard

Billboard is the world's most compelling music media brand arriving at key chiefs and tastemakers in and around the music business through Billboard Magazine,, Billboard Conferences, Billboard Bulletin, and others focused on pamphlets and a great many music fans through and Billboard Events. The Billboard brand is based on its select outlines and unmatched covering the most recent news, issues, and patterns across all of music. Billboard gets a huge number of brand impressions day-by-day through numerous essential associations with other organizations across different ventures. These connections influence Billboard's image acknowledgment, restrictive outline information, and data assets to create items, live occasions, print, TV, radio, computerized, and portable stages. Notwithstanding North America, Billboard works with organizations in Brazil, Greece, Japan, Korea, and Russia.

About CMJ

The College Music Journal (CMJ) organization begun by Robert Haber in 1978 as the College Media Journal, and every other week exchange magazine. CMJ focuses on College radio stations and then became CMJ New Music Report in 1982. distributed top-30 records shipped off them by radio broadcasts, which bought in at an expense of two or three hundred dollars per year. CMJ earlier distributed these rundowns in CMJ New Music Report, CMJ's exchange distribution. The magazine moved to an online-just arrangement and was delivered week by week as an advanced PDF magazine until it collapsed in 2017. It likewise distributed CMJ New Music Monthly, that's a magazine with meetings, audits, and uncommon highlights.

CMJ New Music Monthly was a month to month music magazine with meetings, audits, and unique highlights distributed from 1993 to 2009. Each issue incorporated a minimized plate with 15 to 24 tunes by grounded groups, unsigned groups, and everything in the middle. As of issue 156 (1112 utilizing the CMJ New Music Report numbering), dated June 20, 2009, the magazine stopped the activity, and supporters had their excess issues supplanted by the CMJ New Music Report with a music aggregation accessible on the web. By April 2010, it quit conveying CMJ New Music Report to its endorsers.

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