John Adolfi owner of the Lost world Museum in Phoenix, N.Y. heard about the social media platform TikTok, in Feb. 2020. He launched his Lost World Museum channel in early April of that same year. Since that time, has produced over (300) 15-60 second videos and gained a following of over 250,000 people worldwide. “76% of my audience is from the US with a 8% following from the Philippines”, Adolfi said.


The Lost World Museum has one mission and one only. To ask an engaging and leading question of origins: Is it “Apes?, Aliens? Or Adam?”


The idea of having a frank conversation, educating, comparing and contrasting the 3 worldviews has been very fulfilling and the inclusiveness of multiple worldviews allows users to feel at ease to comment back what they are really thinking during Adolfi’s daily TikTok Live streams and video comments. “We get lots of questions from our audience. Such as: “Do you believe in the Flat Earth?” Or Did dinosaurs go aboard Noah’s Ark?”


With the worldwide reach of TikTok, it has given us the ability to connect with people from Australia, Germany, Paraguay, Turkey, Pakistan, Ireland, Alaska, Hawaii and Russia.


“The people who are least happy about our content are the proclaimed evolutionists. Their comments and “duets” are typically rude and condescending.”Adolfi said. “However we invite everyone, no matter what they believe to participate in the discussion.”

On the museum’s Live TikTok class we’ll do a number of activities. One that delights the audience is opening up our museum mail and packages we receive that contain our new fossils or artifacts.

The subjects we cover in the videos or Livestream include science, history, current events, archeology, paleontology, geology to name a few. Plus we shout out to all who post their city/ state or country location. We have free report give-a-ways, invitation to join our Youtube channel and subscribe to the museum’s emailed weekly newsletter and Zoom classes.

My wife Christen will jump on Live stream occasionally and you may even see a cameo from our ventriloquist monkey Jojo.

It’s a blast. Being able to contribute to the on-line “airwaves” with G-rated, family friendly programing that appeals to a wide variety of people.

In closing, our mission is simple and clear. We assist the “person on the street" to visit or re-visit the origins question, to demonstrate and provide supporting information. Answer questions, have an open discussions. So that the onlooker can ask the question themselves and find an answer to “Where did I come from, Apes? Aliens? Or Adam?



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John and Christen Adolfi

Cell: 315-952-2671


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