30 January 2021 (WASHINGTON) — Social Media was the best blessing during the pandemic. It allowed us to stay connected to our families; but most importantly, providing a fun distraction from “the real world” of chaos surrounding us. Creating content, whether professional or “just for kicks,” provided a mental escape, distraction and break from the daunting darkness looming from Covid-19. Adversely, the need for access grew… as social media users began to, unknowingly, transform their own homes into content creation studios and instagrammable spaces. Internet connection, eye-catching backgrounds, and even appropriate lighting quickly increased in demand; leaving those lacking creativity or resources in the background. Three, DMV Creative-and-Music Artists, Matthew “NLA Diggy” Diggs, Dauvignon “NLA Dauv” Baylor and Davonne Phillip meshed their industry experience, business knowhow, and pulse on trends within pop culture to open a Covid-Safe space for the community. Stay Social USA is convenient, contactless and opens February 1 at Arundel Mills.

Teaming up with BET Producer Chris Bivins, and Visual Artist Jennifer Leaman to put their artistic direction in motion, each of the three artists, now owners, quickly liquidated all assets to conform to the times. Bivins says, “Stay Social is exactly what we needed as content creators to easily express our creativity safely and conveniently. I’m extremely excited to see what is created in our space. We might just be the back drop for the next major batch of social media influencers.”

Open to the public at Simon Malls’ Arundel Mills location, at 2 p.m. on February 1, Stay Social USA is the hub for all ages to develop and capture their own photos and videos for Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram and more. No ring light? No problem. No wi-fi? No problem. With interactive and eye-catching, artistic installations as your backdrop and our technically trained concierge to assist, each Stay Social user commands their own stage that Diggs says “feels effortlessly safe” at $20 per half hour.

Stay Social is the solution. Diggs says, “As a creative myself, I have found it difficult in this current pandemic to find safe, available and cost-effective means of creating my content. I only imagined what some of my (younger) peers might have been feeling as well. We created Stay Social to solve that problem.” He continues, “Bring your friends, family, a date, or just yourself and your smartphone, and unleash your inner creator.”

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Stay Social USA eliminates the fears of creating content in a social media driven world, dominated by Covid-19. As a one-stop shop for content curation, Stay Social serves as a fully-equipped, physical, studio location to point and shoot. With guided concierge escorting you through over 10 themed, socially distant, breakout pods; even a novice to social media is able to transform to content creating phenom in minutes. In essence, Stay Social “aims to create spaces that fuel your creative engines.” For the tech-savvy entrepreneur and, “flossin” Gen Zers to the baby boomer looking to connect with their distant family without the “know how,” Stay Social does just that; providing a means, no matter the age, to “Stay Social.”



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