NEW YORK, NY, JANUARY 13, 2021 - Popular nutrition company Higher Nutrition has launched a new app for intermittent fasting called iFast. In its primary aim to popularize healthy living, it has launched the app to make known the chief benefits of fasting apart from eating healthy.


Intermittent fasting is an age old method of keeping the body cleansed of toxins that keep accumulating. It provides energy, balance and mental clarity in people performing their day to day activities. It also helps in production of insulin that keeps blood sugar in control and promotes weight loss in those practicing a balanced diet of healthy nutrition and fasting. Intermittent fasting also massively improves the metabolic functions of the body and affects the cells, genes and the hormones. Practiced the right way, intermittent fasting can also be a powerful tool for holistic health, anti-aging and for disease prevention.


iFast helps bring together all the benefits and other relative information on its app and help people get into a regular program. It is a powerful life-hack tool that shows you the pattern between eating and not eating. Coupled with this, iFast also tells you when is the best time for you to fast.


"At Higher Nutrition, we have a rich history of promoting healthy living. Ancients from the world over have left us with their wisdom of having a holistic approach towards healthy living, balanced diet and intermittent fasting. We promote plenty of wellness, anti-aging, mood balancing and other wellness products, apart from vitamins, minerals and other natural and herbal remedies. With iFast, we help you take a break — and fast. But the right way, that aligns with the appropriate routine our bodies should be accustomed to. You can find us on the new iOS app store. We'll soon be on Android too. Try iFast, and take your healthy living to the next level", said Luiza Reingatch, founder of Higher Nutrition and the iFast app.



IFast is an intermittent fasting app designed by Luiza Reingatch, founder of the popular health and wellness website, Higher Nutrition.


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