DESK NEWS, JANUARY 05, 2020 - Online poker has a new destination now - Torpoker. Torpoker has become the go-to place for everyone to play poker online with its unique quirks and perks. It is the best crypto poker game on the web right now that is completely legitimate.

Based on Bitcoin, Torpoker provides tables in online mode for the players to play. They play the no-limit Texas hold'em poker with Bitcoin, µBTC being the currency on tables. The game is based off the internet, so there is no need for the player to install any applications. Also, there is no registration required to play Torpoker and the rake of 1% is far, far lower than any other room you will find.

"The very first step to join a table and start playing is to type in your bitcoin address: Torpoker will instantly transfer your coins back to the given address once you have quit the game. The second step in the game is to transfer the bitcoins to the address that has been generated by Torpoker. After that, you can join the tables when the transaction has finally been confirmed (a total of 3 confirmations are required). The players must also know that the minimum to withdraw is 0.0001 BTC and that transaction fees are subtracted from the bankroll amount. I can tell you with confidence, you have never seen a better and legitimate online Bitcoin poker game", said the founder of Torpoker.


Torpoker is an web based, Bitcoin based online poker game.

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