NEWSDESK, NOVEMBER 25, 2022 - In a new crypto contest, investors now have the opportunity to earn $DOGE rewards from $DBINU. Investors can now hold and earn Dogecoin Reflections as a solid 3% of $DOGE rewards are paid out to Dogecoin holders every day. People can participate in the daily Big Buy contest and win massive rewards every single day! According to the website, almost 5BNB paid out to the big buyers each and every day. However, the rule is that the tokens must be held for a minimum of 24 hours.

People can also participate in the amazing weekly lottery that comes with a prize pool of a cheeky and attractive $200 that is shared across three winners, and the tickets are priced at just 0.1 BNB! According to reports, here is the Tokenomics :-

  1. 3% $DOGE Rewards


  1. 3% Liquidity


  1. 3% Marketing / Development


  1. 1% Buy Back


In an even better news, 50% of marketing proceeds is given to the biggest buyer every 24 hours, every single day. Multiple Twitter threads show that the Doge Buy Contest Bot Inu has taken off to a flying start as more and more investors earn great money everyday! This contest is a crypto project that gives real oppurtunities to its investors to earn some solid passive income.

"We are elated at the way people have responded to our contest. We wanted to make something meaningful from our projects that would not only help the investors but also that we can give back to the community that has helped us thrive. And thus was born the Doge Buy Contest Bot Inu. Simply hold the tokens for a period of 24 hours and get a chance to win $DOGE rewards from $DBINU. We are running this big buy contest every single day, where a subset of marketing funds has been set aside so that we can give back to the community. Go rock the contest, people!", said the founder of $DBINU.


$DBINU is a crypto Memecoin that is currently growing at a steady pace. It currently runs a contest where investors have a chance at winning $DOGE rewards through $DBINU.


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