Birmingham, UK – March 22nd 2021 – Explore ProTech is a Global Networking Group that has helped small business owners and start-ups achieve accelerated business growth, referral partners and collaborate on projects.

One of the members, Dawid Dorfling, founder of Entrepreneurs Life Magazine and Entrepreneurs Life Show, sadly passed away on January 17th 2021. His death was sudden and hit the group hard. His wife wanted to keep his legacy alive and reached out to the group to do just that.

Leonie’s (Dawid’s Wife) vision for the magazine has really blossomed. She has been working with coaches, financial experts, writers, marketers, web developers and leadership programmes to bring her dream of continuing Dawid’s legacy alive.

Peter Hingston, Co-Founder of Explore ProTech, has said: “When Dawid’s wife reached out to us, we just had to help her. We were completely blown away by how our members all rallied together to help teach her the skills, give her the knowledge, and grow her vision.

I’ve seen Leonie grow so quickly as a person, and despite losing her husband so tragically, she’s gone from strength to strength.”

The magazine, formerly a digital download, is moving on to become an online publication that will help people who are starting on their entrepreneurial journey find all of the information they need. Leonie wants to focus on the business, lifestyle and relationships of all entrepreneurs to help them achieve the lifestyle they dream of. Now called Entrepreneur Lifestyle Magazine, it will be launch in late March 2021.

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