GUANGDONG, 21TH APRIL, 2021 - Sports injuries are part and parcel of the life of an athlete. Exercising and straining or spraining a muscle, or even during the course of a game is as old as mankind. Muscle stiffness and irregular lumps are common mechanisms that the body employs to help in the recovery process. However, this process is also one that consumes a lot of time, something that modern athletes don't have the luxury of. So, is there a way that would expedite the healing process and have the said person back in business in no time?

Massage gun manufacturer Soonpam, a branch of Eyesun Technology, is the only answer for anyone looking for quicker muscle relief. Established in 2011, Soonpam is a fully equipped firm that makes a wide range of massage guns built for different parts of the body. Be it a fascial massage gun, deep tissue massage gun or brushless motor massage gun, the world's top massage gun supplier Soonpam has something for everything, a sure relief for every type of muscle pain in the body.

The super high efficiency of the permanent magnet rotor in the brushless massage gun, industrial grade motor with variable pressure control system in the deep tissue massage gun and the 3000 vibrations produced by the fascial massage gun to relax the muscles and soft tissues are second to none. Their high frequency oscillations help relax the deep skeletal muscles and revitalize and rejuvenate the body.

"Let us assure you fully that nobody relaxes the hurting body better than Soonpam. We have a long experience of over a decade in healing athletes from various sports across the world. NBA, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Wrestling and many other types of people and trainers have benefited greatly from our massage guns. Hasten your healing process only with Soonpam massage guns and hit the field again. Rest assured that except the doctors, nobody heals bodies in pain better than us. P.S.- We also sell massage guns wholesale at rock bottom prices", said the Marketing Director at Soonpam.


EYESUN TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. was established in 2011, located in Guangdong Province – Electronic centre of China. Over the course of 10 years of development, we developed two branch factories– Eyesun cam for various cameras, which include webcam etc and SoonPAM for smart home devices, which mainly include fascial massage guns with various designs etc. We take great efforts to concentrate on high quality, competitive pricing and the best service as well.

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