GUANGDONG, 21TH APRIL, 2021 - It is quite a common scene for athletes to get injured. Those who play heavy sports, do intense training etc. are quite prone to  sprain their muscles that not only hurt quite intensely but also take a lot of time to recover. Even though the body has its own mechanisms to deal with such discomfort, it can often be a slow process and not-so-good brands don't help much either. And in this age of cut-throat competition, nobody can afford to sit out for long. So how do we deal with this, so that people are back at work and athletes are back on the field fully fit in no time at all?

Soonpam. The one name in all the world that provides the fastest muscle relief in a much better way compared to other solutions out there. This massage gun manufacturer has a wide assortment of guns that is specially made to provide relief to different parts of the body. Whether it is the fascial massage gun, deep tissue massage gun or brushless motor massage gun, the world's top massage gun supplier Soonpam is equipped for everything.

Selling its massage guns wholesale and by piece, Soonpam makes brushless massage guns that have an unparalleled and long lasting permanent magnet rotor. They make a deep tissue massage gun with an industrial grade motor with a variable pressure control system. This helps for the effect to reach deep in the different skeletal muscles. Adding to the set is the fascial massage gun to relax the muscles and soft tissues that send a new energy to the body.

"Soonpam is hands down the best in the industry. Our products are held to the highest standards and tested relentlessly. Our products are used across the world and customers have only benefited from it. Nothing less, and that is what we strive for. If you haven't yet, try us. It'll be the best decision for pain relief you will have ever made", said the Production Manager at Soonpam.


EYESUN TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. was established in 2011, located in Guangdong Province – Electronic centre of China. Over the course of 10 years of development, we developed two branch factories– Eyesun cam for various cameras, which include webcam etc and SoonPAM for smart home devices, which mainly include fascial massage guns with various designs etc. We take great efforts to concentrate on high quality, competitive pricing and the best service as well.

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