AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, 8TH MARCH, 2021 - Gutkha or betel quid, pan masala and supari have long been known to be a popular aphrodisiac. It is also a chief reason for a variety of ailments. Gutkha is a preparation that is made of crushed supari, tobacco, catechu, paraffin wax, slaked lime. The mixture is masticated for its savoury flavour. But what nobody tells the consumers is that it is the harbinger of a great many tumours and diseases, often deadly ones.


The South Asians are the prime consumers of these products in the world. Their blatant nonchalance towards gutkha consumption is only surpassed by their oft insouciance towards the resulting ill health, the chief among them being restricted mouth opening. Gutkha also contains carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and hydrocarbons. Though in its non-deadly stage, chewing gutkha, pan masala and supari leads to oral submucous fibrosis or OSMF.


Chewing gutkha causes non-healing ulcerative lesions in parts of the oral cavity such as cheeks, lips, tongue, floor of the mouth and every other part of the mouth. A general diagnosis of symptoms show that in their initial stages, they are treatable. The primary problem that results is restrictive mouth opening. But gutkha also leads to the following symptoms in OSMF patients :-


  1. Oral Ulceration
  2. Burning Sensation
  3. Swollen Gums 
  4. Xerostomia


Though the question still remains — how do we treat mouth opening problem resulting due to gutkha? Is there a permanent treatment for OSMF? Thankfully, yes. Top Indian dentist Dr. Bharat Agravat has devised a surefire treatment to cure OSMF. His ingenious OSMF Mouth Opening Treatment at Home Kit uproots the symptoms in its entirety. The DIY Home Kit contains in it the following things:-


  1. OSMF Lollipops™
  2. Unique Mouth Opener™
  3. OSMF Gel™
  4. OSMF Tablets™


Following this treatment, you are  promise to return to your life of normalcy — eating food properly again, eating your favourite delicious dishes and confidence to be back in their social life. However, you are strongly advised to quit chewing gutkha or pan masala today itself to nip the underlying conditions in the bud.


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OSMF Mouth Opening Kit is a path-breaking, Do-it-yourself combo of mouth opening medicine tablets and mouth opening exercise device. It has been invented by Dr. Bharat Agravat. He is Cosmetic and Implants Dental Surgeon and has set new benchmarks of award-winning excellence in his more than 21 year long career also prominent and world renowned Indian Ayurvedic Herbalist Dr Harsha Agravat.


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