LONDON, 12TH MARCH, 2021 - Popular British clothing brand Seek Me UK has launched a new project called Domestic Abuse Awareness Project to help the survivors of domestic abuse . In light of the dramatic rise in cases of domestic abuse across the UK, especially during the pandemic, the clothing brand undertook this project to stand in solidarity with the victims and survivors. According to the company's spokesperson, Seek Me UK has started this project to not just highlight the aforementioned dire situation but also work towards rehabilitating the victims by giving them a safe space to open up about their abuse and call out the perpetrators.


Started a little over a year ago, Seek Me has quickly risen to becoming quite a popular brand in the UK. A perfect combination of fashion and home decor means customers can easily locate what they want. Their website is designed to provide the optimum shopping experience, even if the customer doesn't know what she or he is looking for. Aiming for the highest levels of customer satisfaction, Seek Me presents a wide and adorable range of t-shirts, jeans, bodies, beanie caps, key chains, pendants etc. that is certain to make their day. It is also a special mention that every time customers purchase from Seek Me UK, they help the company's Domestic Abuse Awareness Project to battle domestic abuse and help the survivors overcome this distress.


"Our project was in the making for a while. But what we observed the past year since the lockdown was quite distressing and heartbreaking, to put it mildly. Domestic abuse and spousal abuse skyrocketed as if some demon got unleashed. Enough was enough, and we decided to launch our project across the UK. Through Seek Me UK, we don't just want to sell products but through them, be agents of change that's definite and visible for all to see, especially those who are buying from us. We ship our products for free across the UK and US. We invite you to join our cause by purchasing from us and help us battle the grave challenge of domestic abuse. Let's fight it together", said the Founder of Seek Me UK.


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Seek Me UK is a clothing brand based in the United Kingdom. It sells all types of clothing and accessories in a wide and varied range along with an excellent shopping experience.



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