BOISE, Idaho--Organic Aromas® (, the pioneering creator of the superlative nebulizing aromatherapy diffuser, has launched a captivating board game designed to upscale your essential oil knowhow. Aroma- A Game of Essence by Organic Aromas is a distinctive board game that trains and entertains your olfactory system, imparting vital knowledge on aromatic oils.

Aroma - A Game of Essence: An Interactive Path To The World Of Essential Oils

The Aroma board game has been created to entertain and teach. With so many essential oils available, knowing how to navigate through scents is a must. This clever aromas game is for any person looking to learn about scents while having fun in the process. The Aroma game package comprises 20 mini vials of essential oils; alongside other gaming elements. The colorful game packs all the information you need to get started. There are 4 gameplay options where 2 to 4 players can go head to head. The player with the highest points will be crowned winner. To win in any game, your scents knowledge must shine above the rest.

The 4 play modes are Discover, Survive, Revolve and Collect. Discover involves identifying the five aromas assigned to each player. Speed and accuracy are necessary to override your opponents. Survive, as the name suggests seeks to eliminate players by identifying essential oils. If you can name all your opponents' oils, you become the ultimate survivor. In Collect, you are tested on your ability to categorize various scents accurately. The four scents categories are trees, citrus, plants and flowers. Collecting all the aromas from your category will make you a winner. Finally, Revolve gets players to pass oils around for identification. If you identify the most oils while under pressure, you win the game.    

Organic Aromas is always looking for fresh and dynamic ways to improve aromatherapy for clients. The Aroma board game seeks to demystify aromatherapy in an easy and fun way. Playing this game also triggers social interaction as people come together. It's also a good activity to enhance relationships. Sniffing scents while playing the game helps reduce stress and improves brain function. Playing Aroma allows for creativity while promoting competitive play. This is an engaging and affordable board game that enhances wellness through aromatherapy and knowledge thereof.

Get The Aromas board game Aroma - A Game of Essence - Organic Aromas and get playing!

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Organic Aromas is a trusted aromatherapy brand; maker of the outstanding Nebulizing Diffuser. Without using heat or water, this diffuser delivers concentrations of pure essential oil over large spaces. The tool has revolutionized aromatherapy with both function and aesthetics. These diffusers are artful masterpieces for any space. The company also supplies pure organic essential oils and a host of other accessories for top notch aromatherapy. 

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