USA (February 09, 2021): While most businesses store every type of data, more than 80% do not know what to do with it. When it comes to eCommerce, there are plenty of data science applications to improve user experience. 

Today, businesses want to go inside their customer's head; know what matters to them, what they need and their opinion. Data Science can achieve precisely that by picking trends & discovering patterns from data.

Machine Learning has vastly improved product search. The algorithms significantly improve product search results, boosting click rates, customer ratings and conversions. Search results become more relevant and outfitted towards what the customer needs instead of what they type in the search bar.

Every organization wants to understand what the customers want before they do. Current product recommendation arrangements ordinarily examine an item's popularity to decide when and how to make a recommendation. Machine learning takes advantage of more exact and individual information, such as a customer's purchasing habits, the tones or looks they like, and the sort of spending they are ready to do. Such an arrangement will suggest products that are going to get the most revenue. 

For companies looking to boost sales, cut down costs, protonAutoML is an excellent choice. This Oklahoma City-based company has been working tens of hundreds of companies and improved their revenue significantly. The CEO, Harsh Gupta, adds "No longer data science is limited to big companies, we are on a mission to make AI accessible to all." He further continues "We register companies growth from day 1, and save them money on consultants, big data science teams".


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