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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, APRIL 27, 2021 - United States' top internet based Pharmacyrxs is providing medicines both with and without prescription. They have taken this decision in order for people to obtain their medicine which they otherwise are usually afraid of being judged, stigmatized and other challenging variables. According to reports, Pharmacyrxs will now let people with anxiety, insomnia and depression obtain their medicines without prescriptions. This will also include sleeping pills, though only in a particular quantity.

Apart from insomnia, depression and anxiety, people also can get their medicines for a host of other ailments. They can easily buy medicines for ADHD, weight loss, STD. acne and others. With over 18,000 happy and satisfied clients and 245 of licensed pharmacists working with them, Pharmacyrxs is has become not just an online drugstore but also a necessity. At a time when people are being diagnosed with one ailment or another, Pharmacyrxs made it their commitment to be inclusively accessible to any and everyone in need. Stocked with over a 100 different types of medicines and growing continuously, Pharmacyrxs has virtually become an essential in the lives of plenty of needy Americans.

"It used to sadden us that so many people would often be turned down for necessary medicines for their ailments without prescriptions, especially when the person would be of humble means and unable to see a doctor. I've seen it from up close. Hence, we decided to stand against the status quo and give Americans what they need the most — life saving medicine without prescription. No matter what is hurting the client, if we have the medicine with us, our client is sure to have it. With over 70 percent repeat customers, we can assure that we will never turn back on our commitment to serving you, especially when our services are needed the most", said the Founder of Pharmacyrxs.


Pharmacyrxs is an online drugstore operating from California that provides medicines to people, specializing in the service of not requiring prescription to buying medicines.

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