ALBA, TX, FEBRUARY 28, 2021 - Pets have been close associates of humans since the dawn of mankind. People across the world have different types of pets, quite often myriad ones. But the one pet that humans take special delight in is — The Cat. From being deified into various deities in ancient Egypt to beheld as delightful, furrylicious human friends, cats have come a long, long way.


It also goes without saying that such lovely cuties deserve all the love and care that we can shower upon them. The animals who practically put a huge smile on our faces every time we see and hold them need the best nutrition, healthcare and playtime we can give them. Are you ready for it?


Lo and behold! Worthy Cat is here! The best, the most effective and the most fun monthly subscription boxes ever for your furrylicious pet that will make and brighten their day. Compared to most other toys and treats for your cats out there, Worthy Cat gives the most natural treats and entertaining and fun toys that'll keep your cat entertainingly busy. It also goodies customized to your cat's chewing needs and other new and exciting products for you to try out.


"We don't believe that pets should be taken for granted. That's why we always have our cats present in our brainstorming sessions to deliver the best for them. You can choose our adorable theme boxes for one, three, six, or twelve month subscription. In less than a month, you can watch your kitty play and snuggle against the goodies. We're sure you can picture such a picture in your mind! You can cancel anytime your want, if at all you'll want to! We promise you this — We make for your cats exactly what we'll give to our cats. Nothing less. Our cheap subscription boxes are not only filled with the best toys and treats but are also the best gift for cat lovers!" said the Marketing Manager of Worthy Cat.


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Worthy Cat is a subscription box for cats that is filled with toys, treats and other healthy products that are specifically designed to become the eye candy of any cat imaginable.



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