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6 Possible signs that your WordPress website was h

It must be a nightmare comes true if you realize that the website is hacked!! Every website is created with so many efforts and so many sleepless nights and the first things that worry the owners is that the security of it is breached. The websites contain a lot of information; it also has sensitive information about the visitors’ and then its own content. The situation is scary for sure and leads to a huge trust loss in case it happens. Something which is way worse is not being able to know that you have a website which has been hacked. Is it even possible? Yes, it is absolutely possible if the hackers are that good. The website owners will not even know and the website important information will be available to the hackers. This is the worst situation to be in, what the website owners should now do is know a few signs which can tell them that the website has been visited by someone who was unauthorized.

1) The email started bouncing: This is something which comes as a shocker and the website owners will realize it only when the emails do not reach the desired people. What happens is that the hackers break in the WordPress website and install scripts which send out many emails using the IP address. These emails are reported and your IP address gets identified. The reports put this on the block list and you will come to know about it a lot later.

2) Bad content: The WordPress website when hacked opens the theme file to the hacker. This is a risky business as then the hacker can add codes which are not easy to identify but is accessible to the Google and it slows down the site and in some cases even leads to a blacklist. There is a lot risk associated with the following situation and the website should lookout for the bad content.

3) Website clashes: The website can crash for many other reasons but the hacking is a very common one of them. The bad codes slow or crashes your website without you knowing it soon. This can also lead to the website being added to a list of spam or reported sites which again created a huge problem

4) Bandwidth overshoots: when your website is a victim of large files being added or with the malicious scripts then your bandwidth can overshoot. When the site is added to an undesired network then also the huge traffic spikes in and creates issues. The owners will come to know about it only later and then there is nothing much to be done unless you are using a service where the host warns the customers for excess use.

5) Traffic plummets: This is very common and instead of hacking the website owners thinks about a lot of other reasons which further creates a problem. The sudden drop in the traffic is a huge problem for the site and it can be because of the slowdown of the website, crash issues, Google blacklisting the website, re-directed traffic to some other network or site. The website which used WordPress templates does not monitor their daily traffic actively will not find the situation till it’s really late.

6) Traffic surges: When the website is added to an unwanted network then the traffic increases within no time. This is nothing that the website owners should get excited about remembers these are not the target customers who are watching your content. The network is not suitable and is definitely not gaining you any standards ranking.

The point here is to be actively looking the website and trying to get hang of where the website is headed.

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