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        Whiteboard Animation Trends to Follow in 2024

Businesses and educators alike have been using whiteboard videos for a long time to convey complex ideas to audiences. Whiteboard animation also employs a distinctive style to communicate information. This is because it uses hand-drawn illustrations to unfold information to the target audience. Similar to other types of explainers, whiteboard videos convey information to viewers in a captivating way.


Besides, the technology has evolved today and so have the creative techniques to produce fascinating whiteboard videos. These days, businesses and educators have started to follow novel trends to produce whiteboard explainers.


In this post, we shall talk about trends you should follow in 2024 to produce one-of-a-kind whiteboard video animations. So, we encourage you to read this post till the end to know about those trends.    


Latest Whiteboard Video Animation Trends


Without further ado, let us reveal to you the trends you should follow in 2024 for producing whiteboard video animations:


1.      Interactive Whiteboard Video Animations

In the past, people have been creating whiteboard videos in the animated format in a traditional style. Besides, traditional whiteboard videos ental a linear progression of illustrations to convey information to viewers. In recent years, a new trend has evolved for whiteboard video production. We are talking about interactive whiteboard video animations that let viewers interact with them directly.


As the name suggests, interactive whiteboard videos entail interactive elements. Interactive hotspots and quizzes, to mention a few such elements. Because of interactive elements in interactive whiteboard video animations, viewers can participate actively. It not only enhances viewer engagement with videos but also provides viewers with valuable data and insights about businesses.

In addition, interactive whiteboard explainers transform passive viewers into active ones while providing them with an immersive and memorable experience. So, businesses and educators should follow this trend in 2024 to effectively communicate with their audiences.     


2.      Whiteboard Videos with 3D Elements

The classic appeal of whiteboard explainer videos still stands the test of time. However, the incorporation of 3D elements in whiteboard explainers has emerged as a new trend. Businesses and educators today partner with the best whiteboard animation services to exploit the aforementioned trend. Put differently, they hire an esteemed explainer video company for that purpose.  


The inclusion of 3D elements in whiteboard videos with 2D illustrations empowers them with depth. Thanks to this trend, animators can produce visually stunning whiteboard video animations entailing dynamic storytelling!


Moreover, the integration of 3D elements in whiteboard explainers allows for a visually rich narrative. This not only helps you capture your audience’s attention but also leaves a strong impression on them.  


3.      Storytelling Whiteboard Videos

When it comes to the art of effective storytelling via videos, whiteboard videos surpass all. For the same reason, storytelling whiteboard videos have emerged as another popular  trend in 2024 for communication. These videos focus on connecting with the target audience emotionally.


Not to mention, whiteboard explainers serve as a perfect medium to provoke emotions. For instance, they can evoke emotions in audiences while inspiring or amusing them. Creating such videos requires the incorporation of a narrative in videos that resonates with your audience on a personal level.


Moreover, whiteboard videos that entail storytelling are more memorable for the audiences. This is also why many businesses have started capitalizing on this trend, and you may exploit it, too.     


4.      Minimalistic Whiteboard Videos Entailing Motion Graphics

In order to communicate with your target audience successfully, simplicity is the key. For the same reason, whiteboard videos today have increasingly slanted towards minimalistic designs and motion graphics. Whiteboard video animations employing this trend feature clean lines, subtle color palettes, and minimal use of text. At the same time, they utilize moving graphics to communicate messages to audiences with enhanced clarity. What’s more?  


Minimalistic whiteboard videos employing motion graphics not only have more visual appeal but also communicate the main message effectively. You may also come up with the whiteboard animation in 2024 while following the aforementioned trend. If you do, it will help you communicate your core message to the audience clearly, in an aesthetically pleasing manner.   


5.      AI-Based Whiteboard Video Animations

The integration of state-of-the-art technology, more specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), has started to shape the future of video animations. Whiteboard explainers are no different in this respect. Today, animators have started to experiment with AI algorithms to produce whiteboard videos. This is mainly because it saves their time to produce whiteboard explainers and also proves cost-effective.


For example, animators may leverage AI tools to generate hand-drawn illustrations for whiteboard videos to speed up their production process. Other than that, video animation experts may integrate AI-powered interactive elements in their whiteboard videos. Such experimentation not only helps animators produce videos fast but also creates a personalized experience for video viewers. Based on what we have said earlier, you can comprehend the point of creating AI-powered whiteboard videos in 2024.


Furthermore, you should remain aware of the new whiteboard video trends that businesses and content creators are following in 2024. It will help you adopt the trend that best fits your needs to communicate with your target audience effectively. Before jumping to our conclusion, we shall talk briefly about why you may partner with experts for whiteboard video production.    


Why May You Partner with Experts for Whiteboard Video Production? 

Partnering with the experts, such as an explainer video company, for whiteboard video production matters. This is because it ensures you come up with a bespoke whiteboard video animation to stand out among your competitors. Please remember explainer video companies know what it takes to produce one-of-a-kind whiteboard explainers for businesses and educators. For this reason, they consistently produce high-quality whiteboard explainers for their clients. You should also partner with them to produce whiteboard videos, such as trendy ones, to ensure your videos stand out.  



Both businesses and educators have been using whiteboard videos for a long time to communicate complex information to audiences. Over time, creative techniques have evolved for video production, such as videos entailing whiteboard animation. It has also led businesses and educators to employ new trends to produce whiteboard explainers in 2024. Interactive whiteboard videos, whiteboard explainers with 3D elements, and AI-based whiteboard videos, to recap some of those trends. Lastly, you may also leverage new animation trends in 2024 for whiteboard video production to stand out among your competitors.