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Sensual dysfunction is also known as psycho-sensual dysfunction and is referred as the failure to achieve sensual satisfaction and thrill either because of physical, physiological or psychological issues. Common types of sensual dysfunction are distributed as impotency i.e. incapacity to sustain penile erection in men.

Common types of sensual dysfunction in men are:

  • Hypo- fornication (little or no sensual excitement)
  • Erectile dysfunction, (incapability to sustain an erection)
  • Erectile difficulty (inhibited climax in men)
  • Premature Ejaculation (interjection takes places before or incontinently after starting intercourse)

Who is at threat of developing sensual dysfunction?

Sensual dysfunction can do at any age, though it is more common in those over 40 because it is frequently related to aging. Men and women both can develop sensual dysfunctions might be as a consequence of age or as an effect of stress or drugs etc.

What are the symptoms of sensual dysfunction?

  • Erectile dysfunction i.e. Incapability to sustain erection
  • Delayed or absent climax
  • Early or premature ejaculation

What causes sensual dysfunction?

  • Physical causes of sensual dysfunction conditions like diabetes, neurological diseases, conditions and habitual systemic conditions similar as liver or order failure, alcohol and medicine dependence. The side goods of some drugs, i.e. anti depressant medicines, can also affect sensual function.
  • Psychological causes of sensual dysfunction occurs due to work- related stress, depression, connubial or relationship problems, anxiety, inordinate solicitude about sensual performance, poor sense of body image, inferiority complex in men can give rise to sensual dysfunction.

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